ul. Pieciu Pomostow 1
78 - 550 Czaplinek
Tel.: (0048) 602 - 869 - 060


Prices for the season 2021

Caravan < 5.00 m15.00 zł/day
Caravan > 5.00 m18.00 zł/day
Tent15.00 zł/day
Camper30.00 zł/day
Car12.00 zł/day
Person18.00 zł/day
connecting energy10.00 zł/day
Children under 10 years old9.00 zł/day
Dog8.00 zł/day

accommodation Price
House "CZAPLA", "TRAMP" to 02.06 - from 16.091400.00 zł / week + energy
House "CORSO" to 02.06 - from 16.091000.00 zł / week + energy

TRAMP over the lake B,C,D,E450.00 zl/day
TRAMP A,F,G,H,I,J380.00 zl/day
CZAPLA house350.00 zl/day
CORSO house300.00 zl/day
presence of a person exceeding the amount of places15.00 zł/day
room for two120.00 zl/day
room for three160.00 zl/day
room for five240.00 zl/day

The hotel day in houses and pavilions begins at 16.00 and ends at 10.00

Full board60.00 zł
Full board 1/2 (children up to 10 years old)40.00 zł
Breakfast22.00 zł
Breakfast + dinner45.00 zł
Dinner27.00 zł
Dinner + supper43.00 zł
Supper20.00 zł
Breakfast + supper40.00 zł

Water equipment rentalHourDay
fishing boat5.00 zł15.00 zł
sailing boat FIGIEL12.00 złx
sailing boat OMEGA30.00 zł80.00 zł
sailing boat SASANKA - 180.00 zł
water bike10.00 złx
canoe8.00 zł25.00 zł

Other servicesPrice
car12.00 zł/hotel day 3.00 zł/hour
sauna 15.00 zł 1/2 hours
Using a slip60.00 zł
board garaging5.00 zł/hotel day
Battery charging10.00 zł
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